Building & Trading The Largest Inventory of Jadeite in the World

Building The Largest Inventory of Jade in the World

Jade Vault has sourced a highly discounted supply of Jadeite that it will process, upgrade and sell.

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Carved Jadeite NecklaceJadeite rock, carving and gem

What is Jadeite?

Jadeite is a very hard and tough mineral that is commonly shades of green, grey and white.

It has been revered in China for the last 6,000 years as something more precious than gold and diamond.

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What We Do: Own, Process & Sell Jadeite

Jadeite Treasury Image


Accumulate Jadeite

We're building the largest treasury of Jadeite in the world. This extraordinary asset is the foundation of Jade Vault.


Process Jade

All Jade is ethically sourced, directly from the mine and processed into blocks and finished products for our customers.

Processing Jade Block into bangle
Jade Sales Globally


Sell Jadeite

We sell a range of Jadeite Products to businesses. For purchase enquiries, please contact us.

Our Jadeite: Showcase

Jade Product Images

Our Jadeite: Showcase

Jadeite product images
Raw Jadeite Images
High Value Jadeite Items
Jade Product Images

Our Jadeite: Specifications

Jadeite Fei Cui Certification


High Quality

Our Jadeite is classified as Type A Fei Cui by the HKJSL in Hong Kong, the official standard for genuine, untreated Jadeite.

Raw Jadeite


Different Grades

Our Jadeite is predominantly of Utility and Commercial quality, with a small fraction of highly valuable Imperial Jadeite.

Large Jade Products


Large Products

Our Jadeite can be converted into large commercial Products as well as jewellery. This is a rare occurrence in traditional Jadeite Mining.

Skilled Worked drilling for Jadeite


Ethically Sourced

Our Jadeite is ethically sourced from a professionally run mining operation, consisting of a skilled team.

Jadeite rock, carving and gem


Our team has over 75 years of experience in traditional mining across 5 continents - including 13 years of experience with Jadeite.

Meet Team
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